The European Energy Union

The Quest for Secure, Affordable and Sustainable Energy

By Rafael Leal-Arcas

Combined with the perception of energy security being a pressing matter, the general disenchantment surrounding the European ideal in the wake of the economic crisis makes the task of ensuring affordable, secure and sustainable energy a formidable challenge. In that vein, the European Energy Union could well be the flagship of this new outset towards a more prosperous, energy-secure and unified Europe, bearing in mind that EU Member States wish to guard their sovereignty over national energy systems. In the past, there have been divisions between EU Member States when trying to draft a unified energy policy, which the European Energy Union tries to rectify this deficiency. This book proposes the emulation of the EU's common commercial policy to reach a common position in EU energy policy. It analyzes the role of the Energy Community and the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Partnership as avenues to further integrate energy markets beyond European borders, especially with the Eastern and Southern neighbors of the EU. It also dwells on the advancements that could arise in terms of pan-European energy infrastructure through the anticipated financial boost resulting from, inter alia, the Investment Plan for Europe, the European Structural and Investment funds, and the Connecting Europe Facility. Finally, it provides an analysis of climate change mitigation by focusing on the importance of decarbonizing the economy and analyzing the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. (Series: European Energy Studies, Vol. 8) [Subject: Energy Law, European Law, Environmental Law]

Publication Date: 3/15/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789491673450