EU Transportation Law

Volume I, Brussels Commentary on EU Maritime Transport Law

Edited by: Michael Jurgen Werner, Henning Jessen

Waterborne transport is of crucial importance within the European Union. Almost 90% of the EU external freight trade and 40% of the intra EU-exchanges are carried by sea. With respect to its significant coastline, the environmental aspects of shipping transport services have to be considered carefully within the EU. Each year, the European ports have to cope with more than 400 million passengers. Thus, the shipping sector is also an important employer. This commentary on EU shipping law provides a comprehensive article-by-article analysis of the relevant regulations and directives of the shipping sector. It systematically covers the main issues, which include access, regulatory, environment, health/safety, consumer protection, carriage of goods/passengers, means of transport, competition, state aid, infrastructure, labor, and litigation. (Series: EU Transportation Law - Vol. 1) [Subject: European Law, Transportation Law, Maritime Law]

2000 pages

Publication Date: 4/15/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789491673092