The EU Oil Laws

Edited by: Helmut Schmitt von Sydow

The Lisbon Treaty has introduced a specific energy chapter into European primary law, reflecting the growing environmental and financial problems, as well as the concerns of security of supply and industrial competitiveness. In addition, the oil and petroleum sector is governed by various other Treaty provisions. They all lead to an increasing body of secondary legislation that now spreads over the complete value chain, from extraction, imports, and distribution, to the quality and the use of petroleum products, including emissions, taxation, and efficiency. This book brings together all oil specific and horizontal energy provisions, as well as pertinent EU legislation concerning: environment and efficiency, stocks and infrastructures, security of supply, safety of production, trade policy and international organizations, investments and public procurement, market integrity and transparency, research and development. The book offers a user-friendly, up-to-date compendium of all oil legislation and soft law, including the recent Commission proposals on revised provisions for sulphur in marine fuels (July 2011), biofuels in road transport (October 2012), and the safety of offshore installations (October 2012) in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon accident. (Series: EU GEO Laws - Vol. 3)

2000 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789491673085