Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft Programme

A European Approach to Enhance Global Aviation Safety

By Ronald Schnitker, Dick Van Het Kaar

This book features the European approach to enhance global aviation safety. The European Union's Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft program, with its legal basis in Directive 2004/36/EC, focuses on air carrier operational performance and compliance. Its main objective is to establish and maintain a high uniform level of aviation safety to protect the interests of European citizens. In recent decades, civil aviation has been one of the world's leading economic growth sectors. To control civil aviation safety records, the EU is focusing on enhancing safety by ensuring that air operators and aviation oversight authorities fully comply with international safety standards defined by the Chicago Convention. Deregulation, emerging low-cost air carriers, and subsequent fierce competition are forcing air carriers with heavy financial commitments closer to the neglect of safety. In addition, there is concern that the tremendous increase in civil air traffic - particularly through the participation of third-country aircraft that would not, or insufficiently, meet the minimum safety standards and consequently might pose a potential safety threat - could lead to an increase in the number of fatal accidents. The safety assessment of foreign aircraft and the inclusion of defaulting air carriers on the EU blacklist are instruments to counteract adverse safety deterioration. The book will benefit academics involved in air law research, government authorities, airline experts, and practicing lawyers. (Series: Essential Air and Space Law - Vol. 11)

250 pages

Publication Date: 1/15/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789490947934