The Qualitative Interview: Art and Skill

By Jeanine Evers, Fijgje de Boer

Since the qualitative interview resembles a good conversation, what makes somebody a good discussion partner? It's that the person listens attentively, thinks along, empathizes with what has just been said, and does not interrupt. In short, it's someone who is empathetic and interested. Is such a person a good interviewer by nature? No, as these characteristics form only the basis for a part of the "Art" referred to in the title of this book. However, the interviewer also needs additional knowledge and skills that are discussed extensively in this book. An interview should first of all have a well defined information goal. And, only when the skills of the good discussion partner merge with the researcher's knowledge, do we observe the art of the interview. This book will benefit those who are professionally involved in doing qualitative interviews or who are learning how to conduct these interviews. Contents include: A Short Introduction to Qualitative Research * The Qualitative Interview: Features, Types, and Preparation * Designing Individual Interviews * Conducting an Individual Interview * Designing a Focus Group * Conducting a Focus Group * Processing Qualitative Interviews

172 pages

Publication Date: 9/14/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789490947736