In Search of Scientific Excellence

Scientists' Guide to Public Funding

By Frans van den Beemt, Peter de Zoete

'Excellence' is said to be the sole criterion in grant decision-making. How excellence is judged by funding organizations is difficult to grasp. This book will help scientists acquire grants for basic research from national and international funding organizations. It describes the processes involved and explains the way in which decisions on the giving of grants are made by peer reviewers and field panels or juries. The book focuses on the best strategy for beginning the process, and it supplies information on how to cope with the application form and the way it is handled by the different people involved in the assessment of scientific excellence. In Search of Scientific Excellence is based on hundreds of cases in which the authors have been involved with over the last ten years. Table of Contents include: Grants in Science * Defining Your Own Quality * The Search for Originality * Bending Your Thoughts to Match Criteria * Writing Your Proposal from Beginning to End * Nine Months Later * Physics, Life Sciences, and Humanities: A World of Differences * The End of Science * References

112 pages

Publication Date: 5/21/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789490947569