Private Remedies for Corruption

Towards an International Framework

By Abiola O. Makinwa

Despite significant developments in anti-corruption law and policy over the last 20 years, corruption still remains a deep and pressing problem. The profoundly negative consequences of corruption in a global world make the need for effective mechanisms to combat it particularly urgent. This book presents private remedies as a necessary next step in the fight against corruption. It examines how the public role of the state and private actions by individuals intersect and complement each other in the fight against corruption. Taking a comparative and conceptual approach, the book explores the potential of private remedies and explains how private law mechanisms can overcome some of the limitations of traditional criminal law approaches to fighting corruption. Drawing on provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, as well as models of private remedies from selected jurisdictions, it describes the current position of the law, but also looks to the future with suggestions for an international framework for private remedies in the fight against corruption. Private Remedies for Corruption will be of interest to researchers of anti-corruption law and policy, as well as government policy makers, international institutions, civil society, and business organizations.

542 pages

Publication Date: 4/2/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789490947545

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