Warnings and Product Liability

Lessons Learned from Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics

By Sanne Pape

European Union citizens are injured each year while using products. Product liability law can contribute to preventing such damage by the way in which liability requirements in the context of warnings are framed and applied. Underlying these warning issues are a number of legal presumptions about how humans behave and interact with products and with their warnings. Primarily, liability law presumes that warnings can be effective in modifying user behavior. Relative to this is the manner in which courts or litigants evaluate product warnings in European product liability law. To rule more consistently and effectively in warning issues, a solution resides in the use of guidelines in European product liability laws that are based on empirical evidence on how humans interact with warnings. This book undertakes a behavioral approach towards the topic of warnings and product liability. Insights from cognitive psychology and ergonomics are essential for a thorough legal analysis of warnings, as they can shed light on people's abilities and limitations with regard to processing warning information, as well as on how the design of products can contribute to preventing accidents. (Series: Civilology - No. 2)

490 pages

Publication Date: 2/8/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789490947422