Consolidation in International Commercial Arbitration

The ICC and Swiss Rules

By Lara Pair

This book deals with consolidation of arbitral disputes pending before either the International Chamber of Commerce or the Swiss Chambers of Commerce. It is mainly concerned with determining both the logical and the legal justifications for these rules, using Switzerland as the seat country and Germany and the United States as sample enforcement countries. The book covers the validity of choosing consolidation by reference to these institutional rules. The choice of arbitrators is discussed in light of party equality and party autonomy vs. mandatory local laws. Additionally, procedural adjustments - made necessary by the use of a consolidation procedure - are analyzed and the logical justifications for consolidation are tested. Consolidation in International Commercial Arbitration concludes that only a policy of restraint and a spelling out of criteria for consolidation will serve the purposes of consolidation and withstand judicial scrutiny. The book will be of interest to legal academics and arbitration professionals. (Series: International Commerce and Arbitration - Vol. 10)

254 pages

Publication Date: 3/28/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789490947279