Religion, Law and Education

Tensions and Perspectives

Edited by: Maria Smirnova, Georgia du Plessis, Jan de Groof

This book provides an encompassing analysis of the position of religion in education in several countries across the globe. It first analyzes the complexities surrounding the position of freedom of religion in education systems and the need to respect, protect, and promote the religious (or non-religious) beliefs of all those involved and participating in education. Various themes are analyzed, including: the religious distinctiveness of private schools; the protection of religious and belief diversity in education; the protection of parental rights and religious freedoms; the protection of children's rights and religious freedoms; and managing the dissemination of religious knowledge in public schools. Also provided are important case studies explaining the various approaches pertaining to the reconciliation of law and state, religion and education, and secularism and diversity that exist in the world. The more encyclopedic approach used here provides insights, through the country case studies, into the contemporary issues surrounding religious and non-religious schools in the selected jurisdictions. [Subject: Human Rights Law, Religion and Education, Public Education]

Publication Date: 8/31/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462404113