Discover International Law

With Special Attention for The Hague, City of Peace and Justice

By Willem van Genugten, Nico Schrijver, Daniela Heerdt

Discover International Law was written to make international law accessible for all people interested but not (yet) experts in the field. It is an invitation to 'discover international law,' and to see how it links to the major challenges of today's world. The book highlights and explains the long-standing relationship between international law and the City of The Hague, which is, in the words of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, "an epicentre of international justice and accountability." Describing international law as it is and discussing trends and barriers, the authors draw optimistic conclusions, despite the fact that putting international law into practice is in many ways an uphill struggle. They reach their conclusions by looking at international law as part of the 'ongoing civilization of relations between states.' Analyzing a range of topics, the authors also make clear that international law serves as a domain that tackles 'problems without passports' in increasing interaction between people(s), states, the civil society (NGOs, trade unions, religious groups), and companies, all while being supported and critically followed by the academic community. Also included is the pamphlet Common Terms in International Law, an A to Z list of common terms in international law. This pamphlet provides the reader with definitions of all the words within the book marked with eye glasses. [Subject: International Law]

Publication Date: 1/1/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789462403505

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