Civis Europaeus Sum?

Consequences with regard to Nationality Law and EU Citizenship status of the Independence of a Devolved Part of an EU Member State

By Guayasen Marrero Gonzalez

Civis europaeus sum? Am I a citizen of the Union? This question, which is the cornerstone of this thesis, is also the question that people affected by an eventual State succession within an EU Member State need an answer to. The link between the nationality of an EU Member State and citizenship of the Union is, as it stands now, unbreakable. One cannot claim the enjoyment of the latter without holding the nationality of an EU Member State. Thus, those who, due to the operation of the State succession and the rules enacted in that context regarding nationality, lose the nationality of the predecessor EU Member State and cannot invoke civis europaeus sum. From the outset, individuals who lose the nationality of an EU Member State would lose EU citizenship and the rights attached to it. However, whilst EU citizenship is still not autonomous from Member State nationality, certain rights associated to the residence, in both the potential newly independent States and the EU Member States, can be frozen as an interim solution until such times as the former has completed the EU accession process. Dissertation. [Subject: Nationality Law, EU Law, Human RIghts Law]

Publication Date: 12/31/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462403413

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