For Justice and Mercy

International Reflections on Prison Chaplaincy

Edited by: Ryan van Eijk, Gerard Loman, Theo W.A. de Wit

Publications on an international level that address prison chaplaincy from different (continental and disciplinary) angles are rare. Most publications regarding prison chaplaincy are monographies by theologians or prison chaplains, or books from (ex-)inmates witnessing their personal conversion. For Justice and Mercy offers international texts on the positioning of prison chaplaincy and examples from the praxis, as well as from several contexts and concepts. The publication is international, with contributions from academics and experienced prison chaplains from all continents. They offer their research and reflections from different scientific disciplines on aspects which are of interest for prison chaplaincy in general. However, the focus is not exclusively on global perspectives. Most articles are written from the Catholic point of view. The reason is that the initiative for this publication was taken by the executive board of the International Commission of Catholic Pastoral Care (ICCPPC) to pay extra attention to its 65 years existence, and to the Year of Mercy. (Series: Publication Series of the Center for Justice Pastorate / Publicatiereeks van het Centrum voor Justitiepastoraat, Vol. 8) [Subject: Human Rights Law, Theological Studies]

Publication Date: 10/23/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462403307

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