Overview of the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights

Issue: 2015

Edited by: European Court of Human Rights

Every year, the European Court of Human Rights delivers a large number of judgments and an even greater number of decisions, thus adding to its already formidable body of case-law. This can make it difficult for people outside the Court to know which cases break new ground or address new issues. An increasingly important aspect of the Court's work has thus become to identify such cases and to disseminate them in a convenient and accessible format. This new annual Overview series, available in English and French, seeks to respond to that need by focusing on the most important cases the Court deals with each year. All the cases are selected by the Court's Jurisconsult's Directorate on the basis of their jurisprudential interest. In addition to the cases chosen for publication in the Court's Reports of Judgments and Decisions, they include a number of other cases that raise issues of general interest, establish new principles, or develop or clarify the case-law. This approach is meant to draw attention to the salient points, allowing the reader to appreciate the jurisprudential significance of a particular case. [Subject: Human Rights Law, European Law]

Publication Date: 8/27/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462402904