Pakistani Marriages and the Private International Laws of Germany and England

A Legal Comparison of the Private International Law Approaches of Germany and England Concerning the Assessment of the Validity of Marriages Celebrated in Pakistan

By Kaiser Chaudhary

During the last decades, massive migration from Asia and Africa to European countries has taken place. Migrants from these continents, entering Europe, have brought their languages, cultures, and habits, as well as their legal traditions with them and, in this way, their (legal) values have been introduced to European societies. In private international law, and, more precisely, in international family law, the centuries-old core values of the receiving States are meeting with the major values of immigrants. This book explores Pakistan, a country whose legal system raises many questions with respect to international family law matters, in particular in relation to marriages celebrated in Pakistan. It undertakes an analysis of how the private international law of England and Germany deals with and recognizes marriages celebrated in Pakistan. The book is an essential resource of information for professionals that deal with Pakistani marriages. [Subject: Private International Law, Family Law, Marriage Law, Islamic Law, Religious Law, Comparative Law]

Publication Date: 12/22/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462401877