Homelessness and the law

Constitution, criminal law and human rights

Edited by: G.J. Vonk, A. Tollenaar

Ever since Dickens wrote his great novels, we have been aware that homelessness and the law are closely related. The relationship has not always been a good one for the individuals concerned. Now, with welfare states, much has improved. The prevention of homelessness and the protection of the homeless have become a constitutional imperative. Yet, this does not mean to say that the law always works in favor of the inclusion and emancipation of the homeless. Rigid exclusions remain, in particular for immigrants, and repressive responses are on the rise. In the meantime, courts soften the worse consequences of these policies by offering human rights remedies. This book brings together a selection of legal issues relating to the plight of the homeless. They are placed under the headings of: constitution, repression, immigration, and human rights. The chapters give a unique insight into the latest policy developments in developed countries, covering legal issues in Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and seven Member States of the EU.

Publication Date: 3/5/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462400948