Arms and Weapons - an introduction to the UN regulatory framework

Edited by: Monika Stachonova

In 1945, the UN was founded inter alia with the idea of maintaining international peace and security. One of the main tasks over the past decades has been the fight against terrorism and disarmament, while highly emphasizing human rights. Terrorism poses a real and serious threat to the security and safety of innocent citizens who are hardly able to protect themselves. Therefore, countering this scourge by systematic and worldwide protection is in the interest of all. Documentation shows how the UN and its Member States face international terrorism, with fourteen instruments and four amendments having been released in order to protect human security and peaceful coexistence of all nations. Emphasis has been laid also on raising Member States awareness of terrorist threats by coordinating their counterterrorism efforts and creating a common legal framework, especially through the General Assembly. The Security Council also participates in the fight against terrorism by releasing and spreading resolutions. Moreover, the establishment of several subsidiary bodies - as well as various other programs, offices, and agencies in the UN's system - assist Member States in specific anti-terrorism activities. This book examines the various ways the UN has actively responded to terrorism and disarmament. [Subject: International Law, Criminal Law, Terrorism, Security Studies]

Publication Date: 2/15/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462400924