Forensic psychiatry in a nutshell

Personal snippets

By Karel T.I. Oei

In this book, the term 'snippets' is used by author Karel Oei to represent his many contributions to psychiatry in general and forensic psychiatry in particular. Oei's short texts are often literary gems with interesting forensic psychiatric reflections, demonstrating his versatility as a forensic psychiatrist. The book covers topics such as the effects of psychotherapy on depression, suicide taboos, psycho-analysis, risk assessment, and stress. These snippets have a firm foundation in criminal law, criminal jurisprudence, and criminology and tend to close the gap between these disciplines. All chapters have previously been published in journals, and, when necessary, have been translated by the author into English. [Subject: Criminology, Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychiatry]

246 pages

Publication Date: 12/25/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462400726