Russia and the European Court of Human Rights: A Decade of Change

Essays in honour of Anatoly Kovler, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in 1999-2012

Edited by: Olga Chernishova, Mikhail Lobov

The last decade has seen a striking rise in Russian cases before the European Court of Human Rights. The influence of its case-law can be seen in all areas of Russian life, becoming a reality on the ground and a genuine impulse for change. Russia, the Court's biggest 'client,' has also played its part in the major development of the Convention system. Judge Anatoly Kovler has left his mark on this important period for the Convention, as well as for Russia. Beyond his judicial achievements, which are illustrated by hundreds of judgments, he has become a key figure in the dialogue between the Court and the national authorities, thus acting as a bridge between two different environments. The theoretical and practical essays in this festschrift are published in Judge Kovler honor by his colleagues and friends. The Russian perspective is presented notably by Valery Zorkin, President of the Constitutional Court, and Tatiana Neshatayeva, former Judge at the Supreme Commercial Court. The decade of change from the Court's viewpoint is highlighted by, among others, its President Dean Spielmann, former Section President Nina Vajic, Deputy Registrar Michael O'Boyle, and former Registrar and Jurisconsult Michele de Salvia. A personal testimonial by the former President of the Court, Jean-Paul Costa, enriches this book along with Professor Frederic Sudre's insight into Judge Kovler's separate opinions.

164 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462400658