Laws of War and International Law - Volume 2

Edited by: Willem-Jan van der Wolf, Rene van der Wolf

The 'laws of war' is a vast and various field of study. This volume establishes that a mere enumeration of laws and regulations does not lead to a better understanding - some explanation has to be done to give a broader scope and awareness of the increasing effects of these laws, conventions, regulations, or statutes. Divided into three distinct sections, the book first focuses on the basic human rights instruments and international law that originated after 1945. The second part examines the source(s) of the tribunal of Nuremberg and the corresponding principles. These principles formed the cornerstone for future tribunals (Rwanda, East Timor, and Yugoslavia) and the final outcome in the International Criminal Court. The third part of the book researches a 'side way' of human rights instruments and relates to the potential misuse of the environment as military means and the protection of cultural heritage.

328 pages

Publication Date: 10/31/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462400566