Complex Criminality

Edited by: D. Abels, D. Bruin, H.G. van der Wilt

This book presents a collection of essays on complex criminality. These essays were written to commemorate a national gathering of PhD candidates, from criminal law departments of different universities, at the University of Amsterdam on June 6, 2014. Complex criminality, which was the theme of that gathering, calls for a definition. Is not, after all, all criminality complex? 'Complex criminality' is a very broad notion with many distinct meanings, e.g. complicated criminality (which may actually apply to all forms of criminality ), sophisticated criminality, common facts rendered more difficult to understand for lay persons as a result of a translation into criminal legal jargon, or the systemic nature of certain crimes. This wide diversity of understandings is exemplified by the papers contained in this book, which cover a wide range of topics which all deal with complex criminality. This book offers unique perspectives on complex criminality, and an opportunity for young researchers to reflect on complex criminality in relation to their own fields of expertise. [Subject: Criminal Law]

Publication Date: 11/14/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462367135