Healthcare Fraud, Corruption and Waste in Europe

National and Academic Perspectives

Edited by: Misja Mikkers, Wolf Sauter, Paul Vincke, Jos Boertjens

Healthcare fraud, corruption and waste are a serious and growing threat to the sustainability and the quality of European healthcare systems. For many years, a lack of objective information and hard evidence has stood in the way of finding efficient and effective solutions to tackle the problem. Healthcare fraud, corruption and waste in Europe. National and academic perspectives provides a better understanding of the specific and complex nature of these phenomena and offers best practices from European countries to fight them. In the first part, healthcare fraud, corruption and waste are explained by senior policymakers and experts from health economical, criminological, data analytic and legal perspectives. The second part compiles a series of reports, describing how countries in Europe face the challenges of reducing the financial losses generated by healthcare fraud, corruption and waste. Containing practical and comparative data, this book provides useful information and tools for policy makers, stakeholders and investigators in combating fraud, corruption and waste in national healthcare systems and across borders. [Subject: European Law, Criminology, Health Law]

Publication Date: 4/24/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462366855