Comparative Perspectives of Consumer Over-Indebtedness

A View from the UK, Germany, Greece, and Italy

Edited by: Federico Ferretti

This book explores the topic of over-indebtedness of consumers and their inability to repay their debts. With a large number of people having excessive debt levels across Europe, it not only impacts badly on the lives of those who are affected, but also carries great social and economic costs. Therefore, it has become a concern for both national and EU policymakers, and requires adequate legal responses for the prevention of the problem and the alleviation of its effects. Responsible credit and personal insolvency are the main solutions discussed in this book alongside other practical aspects. The volume combines a range of multidisciplinary articles by recognised national academic and non-academic experts representing a diversity of interests in the UK, Germany, Greece and Italy. Written by academics, representatives of consumer organisations, practitioners, debt advisors and industry representatives, it is an important resource not only for their equivalents but also for policymakers, the judiciary and everyone involved in the understanding of the problem of consumer over-indebtedness. (Series: European and International Insolvency Law Studies, Vol. 3) [Subject: Commercial Law, International Law]

Publication Date: 7/1/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789462366732