Unilateral Jurisdiction and Global Values

By Cedric Ryngaert

This book identifies the opportunities and limits/obstacles to the exercise of unilateral jurisdiction in the common interest by states that have no (or at least not the strongest) connection to a situation. In doing so, the book seeks to find entry points in the international law of jurisdiction for the realization of cosmopolitanism. It investigates, from both a normative and an empirical point of view, whether the international legal system accommodates the exercise of unilateral jurisdiction in a cosmopolitan fashion by states or regional organizations, such as the European Union, whether there are indications in practice that such jurisdiction is indeed exercised, and what limitations, if any, are or should be imposed. In this investigation, the book draws on insights from public international law, legal theory, and political philosophy. [Subject: Public International Law, Legal Theory, Political Theory]

Publication Date: 9/7/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462365940