Sustainability Clauses in International Business Contracts

By Katerina Peterkova Mitkidis

Sustainable development is a globally recognized goal. However, governments are failing to reach agreement on how this should be achieved. Private actors that are under stakeholders' pressure try to fill this regulatory gap by developing various types of transnational private regulation. However, transnational private regulation suffers from weak legitimacy, questionable effectiveness, and lack of credible enforcement. This book suggests that supply chain contracting may offer an alternative regulation that could lead away from the current regulatory impasse, or at least be one of the missing pieces in the puzzle. Despite the traditionally primary goal of business - to make a profit - companies are, under the imperative of corporate social responsibility (CSR), engaging in activities pursuing public goals in the social and environmental spheres. The book examines one of the tools developed to implement CSR into the business operations: social and environmental clauses in international supply chain contracts ('sustainability contractual clauses,' SCCs). Since there is a lack of literature and regulation on this topic, companies use SCCs without proper knowledge or guidance on why and how this should be done, and on what legal consequences this may have. The book fills this gap by discussing the use of the legal instrument of contract to pursue social and environmental goals; analyzing the legal framework of sustainability contractual clauses; examining what legal effects SCCs may have; and evaluating the contribution of this activity in terms of achieving sustainable development objectives. The aim is to explore both the potential and the limitations of contractual governance in achieving global sustainability and thus contribute to the current discussion on the development of new regulatory and governance designs in this area. (Series: Dovenschmidt Monographs - Vol. 3) [Subject: International Law, Business Law, Economic Law, Trade Law, Contract Law, Environmental Law]

Publication Date: 3/16/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789462364813

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