Modern Law of Sales in the United States

By Alissa Palumbo

This book covers all the critical aspects of the law governing the sale of goods in the United States. It defines the scope of the law of sales, lays out the obligations of the seller and the buyer, discusses the allocation of risk, and addresses all the available remedies for breach of a sales contract. A representative sampling of cases are examined from various jurisdictions and levels of review in order to portray an accurate picture of modern US sales law and provide practical solutions to complications that may arise during a sale. Contents include: An Introduction to the Modern Law of Sales in the US * Legal Framework of Sales Law in the US * Historical Overview of Sales Law * Identifying the Boundaries of a Sales Contract * The Concept of Goods * General Remarks on Performance of a Sales Contract * Tender of Delivery * Documents * Conformity of the Goods: The Law of Warranties * Payment * Taking Delivery * Risk of Loss * Examination and Notice * General Remarks on Remedies * Suspension of Performance and Adequate Assurances * Avoidance * Specific Performance * Damages * Deduction of Damages from the Price * Exemption * Interest. (Series: International Commerce and Arbitration [ICA] - Vol. 17) [Subject: US Law, Commercial Law, Economic Law, Trade Law]

Publication Date: 1/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789462364394

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