Justice in the Modern World

Edited by: V. M. Lebedev, T. Ia. Khabrieva, W.E. Butler

Contributions by: M. E. Gashi-Butler

This book is devoted to the subject of justice systems in the principal legal families of the world. Principal attention is given to: how the courts are organized, court procedure, the judiciary, procedural guarantees, and rights of the individual. The evolution of justice is analyzed against the background of various historical civilizations and epochs, making it possible to more fully examine the tasks and functions of courts in the modern world. The basic national and international models of justice are described, with special reference to the Russian model of justice, its principles, its institutional and procedural fundamentals, and its future development, including the development of judicial procedure. [Subject: Legal Philosophy, International Law, Comparative Law, Russian Law]

690 pages

Publication Date: 2/12/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789462360990

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