The World Bank Inspection Panel Casebook

By Andria Naude Fourie

The World Bank Inspection Panel Casebook serves as an introduction to the Inspection Panel's growing body of practice. The first edition of the Casebook contains structured summaries of all registered cases filed at the Inspection Panel - by 'project affected people' and/or their representatives - between 1994 and 2011. The case summaries are supplemented by descriptive information and statistics about the Inspection Panel and its cases; and is further enhanced by descriptive statistics concerning World Bank-funded development projects, which form the backdrop of project affected people's claims as well as of the Panel's investigations. The Casebook can therefore be used by a wide audience of practitioners, scholars, or students that seek to study the Inspection Panel's work - as well as comparable 'citizen-driven international accountability mechanisms' - while simultaneously providing a unique window onto the World Bank's development operations. A sampling of the structured summaries of inspection panel cases include: Brazil: Rondonia Natural Resources Management (1995) * Argentina/Paraguay: Yacyreta Hydroelectric Project (1996) * Bangladesh: Jamuna Bridge (1996) * India: Ecodevelopment (1998) * Lesotho/South Africa: Highlands Water (1998) * China: Western Poverty Reduction (Qinghai) (1999) * Kenya: Lake Victoria Environmental Management (1999) * Ecuador: Mining Development (1999) * Chad: Petroleum Development and Pipeline (2001) * Cameroon: Petroleum Development and Pipeline (2002) * Philippines: Manila Second Sewerage (2003) * Mexico: Indigenous and Community Biodiversity Project (2003) * Colombia: Cartagena Water & Environmental Management (2004) * Cambodia: Forest Concession Management (2005) * Albania: Integrated Coastal Zone Management (2007) * Ghana: Second Urban Environment Sanitation (2007) * Kazakhstan: South-West Roads (2010) * Chile: Quilleco Hydropower (2010) * Liberia: Development Forestry (2010) * Uzbekistan: Energy Loss Reduction (2010) * Lebanon: Greater Beirut Water Supply (2010) * West Bank/Gaza: Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Study Program (2011) * and many more.

352 pages

Publication Date: 8/18/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789462360891

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