Project Management

A Professional Approach to Events (Third Edition)

By Jan Verhaar, Iris Eshel

Project management is characterized by systematic and integral control of the development process, from creative idea to concrete product. This book concentrates on the management of event projects. Events, such as festivals, exhibitions, conferences, arts productions, sports events, and company events, draw a lot of attention. An initiative frequently ends in failure because the funding cannot be finalized, deadlines are not met, or budgets are exceeded. The professional approach of a project can prevent many problems. The method presented in this book is very user-friendly and stands out by its direct applicability (numerous check lists, step-by-step plans, model contracts, etc.). Divided in three parts, the book's contents include: PART I - A Theoretical Introduction; The Creative Process; The Event; The Concept of Project Management. PART II - Getting Started; Step-By-Step Plans for an Event Project; Step-By-Step Plans for a Conference Project. PART III - The Project Leaders' Toolbox; The Project Organization; The Project Budget and Budgeting; Project Financing; Project Planning; Project Marketing and Communication; The Setting Up of a Multi-Project Organization. Appendices - The Tools; Phase Models for Events; Models of Decision Documents.

364 pages

Publication Date: 8/8/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462360716