Cybercrime and the Police

Edited by: Wouter Stol, Jurjen Jansen

This book focuses on a range of studies centrally related to crime in a digitized society, concentrating on policing and fighting crimes in a digital era. Published on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the International Police Association (IPA) Section in the Netherlands, it provides several options and recommendations for implementing strategies that will allow for the Dutch police to adapt to the quick changes in this field. The book provides an overall view of outcomes of recent cybercrime studies in the Netherlands and their implications for (inter)national police organizations. There is an increase of digital (ICT) components in traditional crimes, with hacking now being one of the top crimes in the Netherlands. Cybercrime and the Police suggests that it is wise to enhance the public/private partnership, expand international collaboration, and invest in police education. It is important to note that the digitization is never complete. The police are advised to closely examine and readjust their strategy where needed and take into account a change in police clientele. Although the book provides many answers, new questions also emerge. More research is needed to grasp what is happening in this fast-changing digital world. The internet makes the world smaller and the playing field of criminals much larger, where cybercrime is a global phenomenon. The IPA provides a large international network that is suitable for the exchange of knowledge, working methods, and best practices. This book, aimed primarily at the members of the IPA, will also be useful for police academy students and police personnel who are involved in tackling cybercrime.

106 pages

Publication Date: 5/24/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462360693