Redesigning Psychology

In Search of the DNA of Behavior

By Theo Poiesz

This book presents an unconventional, innovative approach to psychology. It is addressed to psychologists in the various practical domains, as well as academic researchers and policymakers with a deep interest in the understanding of behavior. The book recognizes the achievements of psychology as an academic and applied field, but is also highly critical of how it has developed over recent decades and is still developing today. After discussing nine limitations of the discipline, the book concludes that the very combination of these limitations implies a grim outlook for the future. For that reason, it calls for a timely reconsideration of the discipline's basic assumptions and conventions: redesigning psychology. In so doing, the book starts from scratch. Redesigning Psychology proposes the Triad model, a model that transforms the MOA (motivation, opportunity, and ability) framework into an elaborate, systematic behavior theory. This new theory not only focuses on the key behavior determinants, but also considers their intriguing relationships and dynamics over time. This alternative approach reinterprets existing psychological insights, generates its own new insights, critically discusses the overall validity of behavior research, and questions the general effectiveness of behavior-oriented policy programs. As well as presenting theoretical arguments, the book refers to practical experience with the model and cites numerous examples.

184 pages

Publication Date: 1/17/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462360532

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