Liaison Officers: Essential Actors in Transnational Policing

Edited by: Ludo Block, Monica den Boer

This book examines the use of liaison officers in police cooperation. The book's contributors, both eminent academics and seasoned practitioners, present their findings from a wide range of geographical and functional viewpoints. Students and law enforcement professionals are made familiar with the blue web of policing across the world. The book offers a considerable variety of perspectives, ranging from institutional to informal, and from sociological to psychological. The detailed accounts form an inspiring collection on contemporary practices of liaison officers that, not only includes original empirical research, but forms a work of reference, as well as a unique textbook for students of international security and policing. Contents include: Seamless Law Enforcement Cooperation: The Nordic Police Liaison Officers * National Policies on Liaison Officers: The Belgian Perspective with a Special Focus on Western Africa * Australian Liaison Officers: Connecting the World Down Under * Strategic Analysis of Police Liaison Officers Deployed in Washington DC * How Can Police Liaison Officers be Effective? A Psychological Case-Study of Dutch Expatriates * EU Policy-Making on Liaison Officers * Making International Law Enforcement Networks More Efficient: Time to Reposition the Liaison Officer * The Europol Liaison Officer: A Breed Apart * Carefully Managing Expectations: The Role of the 'Force International Liaison Officer' within British Policing * Counter-Terrorism Liaison Officers: A Trusted Anachronism? (Series: The Green Grass)

200 pages

Publication Date: 11/26/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462360341

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