Interventions in Criminal Justice

A Handbook for Counsellors and Therapists Working in the Criminal Justice System

Edited by: Peter Jones

This exciting new book brings together the experiences and expertise of a range of practitioners who work within criminal justice and provides a broad and informative account of a variety of intervention techniques. From pharmacological approaches, through the treatment of various specific conditions, and on to the use of poetry and art by prisoners, the book offers a series of thought-provoking chapters that will help inform the practice of anyone who works with this vulnerable population. Contents include: Working with Offenders with Personality Disorders * One Body, Many Voices: The Complexity of Working with a Patient with Dissociative Identity Disorder * The Role of the Arts as an Intervention with Offenders in Prison * Beautiful Sentence: Poetry as a Therapeutic Intervention * The Potential of Prison Health * A Gender Responsive Approach to Female Sex Offenders * Drug Treatment and Harm Reduction in Prisons * Suicide, Attempted Suicide, and Self-Injury in Prisons * The Perils and Promise of Multidisciplinary Working * Cognitive Behavioral Therapy * Working with Women Who Self-Harm in Prison Settings.~

192 pages

Publication Date: 2/12/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789462120143