Towards a Ius Commune in European Family and Succession Law?

Naar een Ius Commune in het Europees familie- en erfrecht?

By Walter L.J. Pintens

This bilingual booklet - published in both English and Dutch - contains the text of the valedictory lecture by Professor Dr. Walter L.J. Pintens on the occasion of his admission to emeritus status. Professor Pintens studied law at the University of Leuven, Tubingen, and Munich. In 1982, he became doctor in law with a thesis on divorce by consent. He is Professor Ordinarius at the University of Leuven and Honorary Professor at Saarland University. Professor Pintens has written several books and articles in the fields of family law, succession law, comparative law, and private international law. He is corresponding editor of Zeitschrift fur Europaisches Privatrecht/Journal of European Private Law and co-editor of Zeitschrift fur das Gesamte Familienrecht/Magazine for the Whole Family Law. In 1992, the Belgian Parliament elected Walter Pintens as a member of the Board for the Recruiting of Judges.

96 pages

Publication Date: 6/23/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789400003286