The Regulation of Architects in Belgium and the Netherlands

A Comparative Analysis

By Sarah Schoenmaekers

This book discusses and compares the regulation of architects in Belgium and the Netherlands. It analyzes who is allowed to use the title and to practice the profession of architecture in both countries. Since the European Union has created rules on whether architects are allowed to use their title and to practice their profession in other Member States, the book also discusses EU legislation and case law on the free movement of architects in and to the EU. The contractual liability of architects working in Belgium, including the legal liability period of ten years for serious defects, is assessed and compared with the liability of architects in the Netherlands, which is often determined and limited by standard terms. The book also contains an economic analysis of the regulation of architects in both States. In this regard, it is discussed to what extent the Belgian and Dutch regulations are necessary and proportional to achieve the goals set. It is demonstrated that the intensity of public regulation is not necessarily related to the intensity of the contractual obligations and responsibilities of architects.

565 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789400001251