Enforcement and Enforceability

Tradition and Reform

Edited by: A. Uzelac, C.H. van Rhee

Enforcement of court judgments and other enforceable documents was, until about a decade ago, a relatively neglected subject, both as a topic of systematic and comparative legal research, and as an area for harmonization at the regional and international level. This situation has changed somewhat in the first years of the third millennium, which may be attributed to the encounter with massive inefficiencies of the mechanisms of legal protection in a number of European countries. This book contributes to efforts devoted to the comparative study and research in the area of enforcement. The book supplies a number of perspectives on the development of enforcement practices and structures, mainly in Europe. The articles are written by experts from legal academia and professionals involved in enforcement practice. New trends are highlighted, by pointing to the contrasts of static, slowly changing, traditional perspectives and the dynamic trends of reforms that may be observed throughout the various jurisdictions.

368 pages

Publication Date: 7/30/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789400000735