Governing Security under the Rule of Law?

Edited by: J. Blad, K. Rozemond, M. Schuilenburg, P. Van Calster, M. Hildebrandt

This volume is the outcome of an international conference held in April 2010 on 'Governing Security Under the Rule of Law?' The conference was organized by the Research School Safety and Justice (OMV) in the Netherlands. Contents include: *** Part I - Beccaria's Dream under Reconstruction: Regulating Civility, Governing Security, and Policing: (Dis)order under Conditions of Uncertainty * Beccaria's Dream on Criminal Law and Nodal Governance * Legitimacy of Dutch Criminal Law in Increasingly Horizontal and Multi-Dimensional Relationships * The Judicial Branch: A Partner in the Business of Governing Security? * Torture as a Lesser Evil? Governing Security in Times of Terrorist Emergencies *** Part II - Changing Perspectives in the Governance of Security: Whose Conflict Is It Anyway? A Critique of Restorative Justice * Restorative Justice as Criminal Justice without Threats: An Interpretative Approach to Restorative Justice Potentials for Public Safety * Doing Restorative Justice to Beccaria's Dream: Roads to Reconciliation and Realization of Prevention, Retribution, Restorative Justice, and the Rule of Law * A Transaction Approach to Fighting International Corruption *** Part III - Security Assemblages: Governing Security: Including the Molecular into the Molar * European Surveillance Assemblages: Preventing Crime and Terrorism through Data Monitoring * The Limits of Numbers: Impact Assessments and Increased Uncertainty * Between Proximity and Distance: Relationships between Police and Citizens in Amsterdam

294 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789089744098