Blurring Military and Police Roles

Edited by: Jelle Janssens, René Moelker, Monica den Boer, Marleen Easton, Tom Vander Beken

In contemporary late-modern society, security landscapes are being re-sketched. Various traditional and new security providers are part of this evolving scene. The military and the police, who are thought of as 'the old boys in town,' are meeting once again. As central components in the power structure of any State, they are heavily involved in this new security design, generating both latent and obvious blurring of boundaries. From different perspectives, this book explores the blurring boundaries between the military and the police. It presents historical contexts, concepts, implications, challenges, and cases. In this fascinating area of research, which is perpetually in motion and constantly changing in the ways it manifests itself, Blurring Military and Police Roles offers some explorations and reflections which can be elaborated in the future.

239 pages

Publication Date: 9/30/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789089743091