Protection of Immovable Cultural Heritage Properties in Terms of Climate Change

Legal and Strategic Framework of Adaptation

By Tamara Gajinov, Zoltan Vig

This monograph gives a comprehensive overview of international and Serbian activities and measures that promote the importance of safeguarding cultural heritage, and their horizontal integration with the areas of environmental protection, spatial planning, and risk management issues in emergency situations. An inter-sectoral approach creates conditions for more expedient actions, but also makes the basis for the creation of public policies and adequate legislation in this area. A critical review of the current legal and strategic framework provides policymakers guidance for reducing harmful climate impacts on the state of cultural monuments in the world and in Serbia. Such aspirations are achievable through the promotion of international cooperation, strengthening of institutional capacity, creation of adequate study programs, and supporting scientific and technological innovations. All in all, future policies of adaptation should give more space to the protection of cultural property. Thus their quality and capacity will be improved, in order to preserve important social values in terms of contemporary challenges and increasingly frequent extreme weather conditions. In Part I, chapters 1 through 5 are in English. These are repeated in Croatian in Part II chapters 1 through 5. Charts in Appendices are in English and Croatian side-by-side.

Publication Date: 11/1/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789089521927