Selected National, European and International Provisions from Public and Private Law

The Maastricht Collection (Third Edition)

Edited by: Nicole Kornet, Sascha Hardt

The Maastricht Law Faculty is known for its outstanding expertise in the field of European and comparative law, and it attaches great importance to comparative legal studies in its teaching. This selection of national, European, and international legal provisions, which have proven to be particularly relevant in comparative legal studies, will assist students, academics, and practitioners in their comparative law work. This expanded and updated third edition of The Maastricht Collection covers the areas of: constitutional law * administrative law and administrative procedure * criminal justice * European and international human rights law * property law * tort law * national and European contract law * civil procedure * private international law * company law * international business law * international tax law. For each area, a selection of important legal provisions - from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK - is provided. This includes domestic constitutional and statutory provisions, provisions from international treaties, and instruments of the EU. In addition, selected sources from the US are provided. Sources are reproduced in the original English or are rendered as fresh English translations under critical editorship. Unlike many other translations, The Maastricht Collection remains true to the content, style, and syntax of the original texts. This allows the reader to appreciate not only the substance, but also the authentic form - and the beauty - of foreign legal sources.~

946 pages

Publication Date: 8/8/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789089521378