National Courts and the Standard of Review in Competition Law and Economic Regulation

Edited by: Saskia Lavrijssen, Oda Essens, Anna Gerbrandy

From a comparative perspective, this book deals with the question of the impact of European law, especially the Tetra Laval case-law, on the standard of review applied by national courts in the area of competition law and economic regulation. The book is a follow-up to the conference on 'Judicial review in competition law and economic regulation,' held by the Europa Institute at Utrecht on May 23-24, 2008. It contains contributions by academics and practitioners from EU Member States and from European institutions. The book analyzes the differences and the similarities between the crucial concepts related to judicial review and the way judicial review functions in practice in different EU Member States. It examines the question as to whether a more common approach towards judicial review is needed, and if so, how this can be achieved.

305 pages

Publication Date: 11/15/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789089520012