EU Energy Law Volume VI, The Security of Energy Supply in the European Union

Edited by: Jean-Arnold Vinois

Contributions by: Philip Lowe

This book examines the latest developments of the European Union's energy policy and, particularly, the way security of its energy supply is taken into account and handled. As one of the three objectives of the EU energy policy, the security of supply emerged as a central element of the policy, following the January 2009 gas crisis and now with the consequences of the Fukushima events. The contributions to the book analyze the extensive developments toward energy security, the impact of the third internal market package on its reinforcement, and the major role to be played by infrastructures in physically ensuring the security of supply. It discusses the most recent and relevant instruments adopted by the European Union in the fields of oil (the so-called oil stocks directive) and gas (the regulation on security of gas supply). In the field of electricity, the book reports on the experience of the transmission system operators working together in the European Network (ENTSO-E) to guarantee security of supply. The external dimensions of the EU energy policy are explained, in as far as it aims at security of supply. Three illustrative cases are particularly studied: the southern gas corridor development, the January 2009 gas crisis, and the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan. The relevant EU legislative texts and the recent communications of the Commission on the subject are appended.

490 pages

Publication Date: 7/18/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789081690423