EU Competition Law Volume VII, EU Competition Law & Intellectual Property

Edited by: Robbert Snelders, Thomas Graf

This book explores the interplay between EU competition rules and intellectual property rights. It will include introductory chapters into the basic principles of intellectual property law, the main categories of intellectual property rights, and EU competition and free move-ment rules. In a second part, the book will examine the application of EU competition law to specific issues raised by the exercise of intellectual property rights, including R&D collabora-tion, standardization, licensing, patent pools, online dissemination of copyrighted content, duties to license, limits on injunctions, vexatious litigation, privateering arrangements, and merger control. In doing so, the book will consider practical issues commonly encountered in IP-heavy industries, including the pharmaceutical, media, and ITC sectors. (Series: EU Competition Law) [Subject: Competition Law, European Law, Intellectual Property Law]

Not Yet Published
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789077644324