The European Supergrid

Edited by: Ana Aguado Cornago

Energy has always been a potential positive European cooperation and integration factor. Providing zero-carbon power to homes and businesses across the EU will require an open market in electricity, underpinned by both upgraded and new transnational transmission networks. Building this network in time to meet the 2050 challenge will require action now. 'Supergrid' is a European project that will not only integrate the energy markets, but will further contribute to the EU's integration process. Moreover, a European Supergrid will allow Europe to transform its present energy system - still mainly based on fossil fuels - to one that is sustainable, since it will not only be able to optimize all generation (energy mixes) of the Member States, but will integrate all renewable energy sources that Europe wishes to exploit. By doing so, Europe increases its security of supply while diminishing its external dependency, creates new skilled employment opportunities, and gives greater impulse to the new technologies where European companies are currently world leaders. This book will show that the above could be implemented today if there was the political will do so, followed by the implementation of the necessary regulatory instruments. The book will lead readers through the period when the idea of a European Supergrid was just a vision, to the reality of the technological developments that make it possible to have such a transformed energy system in the near future. Europe can afford a transformed energy system. Investing in all these new technologies that can limit global warming to 2 degree C has, of course, a cost, but the cost of doing nothing would be much higher - and not only in terms of money. (Series: European Energy Studies - Vol. 7) [Subject: European Law, Energy Law]

Publication Date: 4/15/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789077644263

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