EU Competition Law Volume III, Cartels and Collusive Behaviour: Restrictive Agreements and Practices between Competitors

(Second Edition)

Edited by: Mario Siragusa, Cesare Rizza

In the EU, there is an important reason to fight cartels, related to the political objective of market integration pursued by Community institutions. International cartels can seriously undermine the efforts to create a truly integrated European market. With over 1,200 pages of text, analysis, and annexes for easy reference, this second edition provides a unique insight of Europe's leading experts on how to deal with cartel cases in practice before both the European Commission and European courts. Contents include: the concept of an agreement, decision, or concerted practice * price fixing * market sharing * output limitation * information exchange * effect on trade between Member States cartel procedures before the Commission and the European courts * fact-finding by the Commission in cartel cases * access to file * replying to the statement of objections and the oral hearing * leniency * remedies and fines * judicial review (Series: EU Competition Law)

1567 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789077644201