The Implications of the Racial Equality Directive for Minority Protection within the European Union

By M.J. Busstra

This book examines the substantive provisions of the Racial Equality Directive for Minority Protection (RED) and their implementation in four EU Member States (Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, and the Netherlands). The book follows the structure of the RED and consists of six substantive chapters, each of which corresponds with one aspect of the substantive section of the RED. Each chapter is divided into a theoretical part examining whether RED offers effective mechanisms for minority protection, as well as a practical part covering national case studies. The book concludes that the RED offers a range of possibilities to establish an inclusive and effective anti-discrimination regime on the national level and presents recommendations to make the RED more effective. The case study section of each chapter contains an overview of the way in which each of these four Member States has implemented the RED provisions. The study shows that the RED has a clear impact at the national level and has undeniably a converging effect, by producing, to a considerable extent, similar terms and concepts in national anti-discrimination law. It gives suggestions for improvement at the national level to further enhance minority protection, and it will be of interest to academics and professionals in the field of human rights, political science, and constitutional rights.

440 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789077596968

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