Quality of Decision-Making in Public Law

Studies in Administrative Decision-Making in the Netherlands

Edited by: Kars J. de Graaf, Bert Marseille, Ko De Ridder, Jan H. Jans

Administrative decisions of government agencies are a fact of present day life and the general public is confronted with them all the time. Therefore, the legal quality of administrative decisions matter to people. It is in the interest of the individual person and the general public that agencies produce legally proper decisions right away. Correctional court procedures are cumbersome and costly, both to the individual objector and to the tax payer. Moreover, public agencies with a reputation of doing things right the first time will generate public trust in government and reinforce the legitimacy of public decision-making. The main theme of this collection of essays is to do things right the first time. The collection draws on the combined research experience of a group of Dutch scholars in public law and public administration. Thus, the topic is examined from a variety of angles and perspectives. Some of the papers deal with basic questions such as: What could be the meaning of the concept of legal quality? How can it be applied when assessing administrative decision-making? Other essays examine conditions for enhancing legal quality, both in public law and in public organizations. Also included are some topical studies that present specific issues in the legal quality of administrative decision-making.

210 pages

Publication Date: 10/30/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789076871851