Recht und Um-Welt

Essays in Honour of Prof. Dr. Gerd Winter

Edited by: Ludwig Kramer

On the first of March 2003, Gerd Winter, Professor for public law at Bremen University, has celebrated his 60th birthday. For this reason, friends and colleagues decided to honour him with a liber amicorum. This book pays tribute to Gerd Winter's contributions to the development in particular of German and European environmental law over the last twenty years. Gerd Winter has unwearyingly fought for a better environment, through his legal essays, his work in environmental law reform commissions, his advisory activities in Eastern Europe, his work as an academic teacher and through his activity as an attorney in court. At no time did he subordinate his convictions to practical compromises or political opinions. The book assembles essays on constitutional, state and administrative law, in particular on German and European environmental law, among many others from Michael Kloepfer, Astrid Epiney, Gerhard Stuby, Jan Jans and Richard Macrory.

462 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2003
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789076871127