Procedural Laws in Europe

Towards harmonisation

Edited by: Marcel Storme

Procedural law is of vital importance in Europe. Nowadays, people and companies that intend to settle in Europe still are being confronted with a huge amount of diffenrent national procedures and a hallucinating number of regulations in the procedural field. Just consider the different procedural costs, strict time limits, prescription periods, notices of appeal, . Unlike other branches of law, historical or cultural impediments to the harmonisation of European procedural laws play a far more inferior role than technical aspects, Eventually, all comes down to the question: How can one lead a case to a result on a fast way and without high costs? In this publication, Europe's leading proceduralists share there views on the approximation of procedural laws. A specific in-depth analysis is made concerning enforcement, summary proceedings, fast-track proceedings and complex litigation. In 4 languages: English, Dutch, French and German.

472 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2003
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789062158812

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