European Seaports Law

EU Law of Ports and Port Services and the Ports Package

Edited by: Eric Van Hooydonk

In 2001, the European Commission published its so-called Ports Package, a first attempt at developing a European policy for seaports. The Ports Package includes a Directive on Market Access to Port Services, which will influence the port industry thoroughly and lead to fundamental changes in daily port operations. In this volume, academics as well as practising lawyers from France, Ireland, Italy and Belgium describe the legal framework for the several branches of the port sector, recalling the far-reaching practical implications of existing general EU law and discussing the latest versions of the Port Services Directive proposal. Completed by authoritative views from the head of the Commission's ports unit, a specialist MEP, and representatives from both the public and the private port sector, this book offers a fairly complete overview of existing port law as well as the main points of concern in the policy debate. Its purpose is to serve both as a policy background document and as a working tool for public and private port players, as well as for academics and lawyers.

537 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2003
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789062158041